Matt Kemp: "We want more fans" (Video)

The Dodgers have been one of baseball's biggest stories this year. Unfortunately it hasn't been for anything they've done on the field. Frank McCourt's financial foibles have been the most prominent issue surrounding the Blue Crew in 2011 and it's effected just about every aspect of the franchise...including attendance.

Fans have boycotted the stadium in a big way. The Dodgers have seen their attendance drop more than any  other team in the league, suffering a decrease of more than 7,000 fans per game (almost 17% from the same point last season). That's a steep drop for a team that is pretty much a lock for 3 million fans each year. To combat this, the team has tried offering discounts and special promotions, with little success. The team couldn't even sell out its Memorial Day game that featured $1 Dodger Dogs.

So they've taken the next step...personal appeals from the players to the fans. In a recently posted YouTube video, Matt Kemp (who has been one of the few Dodger bright spots this year) urges fans to come back to the stadium. A better bet would be for Kemp to make a video telling Frank McCourt to stay away.

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