Steve Breaston gets poetic about the NFL Lockout

One of the interesting parts of the lockout is that it's allowed players the chance to share some of their other talents and interests with the public. Not everyone is as extreme as Chad Ochocinco with his forays into soccer and bull riding, but there are guys out there who have more talents than running, catching and tackling.

Take Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston. Under the moniker "S15Phantom", Breaston has released a series of YouTube videos featuring his Def Jam-style poetry. His latest centers on his frustration with the lockout and how it's possibly being perceived by fans. In it he talks about his dream "to be a Barry or Larry" (presumably referring to Barry Sanders and his current teammate Larry Fitzgerald) and remarks "how ironic it is I've told a kid to 'Play 60' but we might not play a minute."

For all of the rhetoric and legal wrangling that's happened on both sides, it's refreshing to be reminded that there are plenty of guys out there just wanting to play as much as the rest of us want to watch them.

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