Clippers Lose Their Biggest Fan

Every time it looks like the Los Angeles Clippers are turning a corner, they remind you exactly why they are the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Wednesday, Darrell Bailey, better known as Clipper Darrell, tweeted that after 10 seasons as a season ticket holder, the team had sold his seat to someone else without informing him.

Understandably, the man recognized as the world's biggest Clipper fan felt alienated by the franchise that he supported with his heart and soul - even while everyone else in the sports world mocked them endlessly.

After all, this is a man that spent $12,000 to customize his BMW in the team's red, white and blue colors. After attending 386 consecutive home games at one point, Darrell had become quite the celebrity in Los Angeles and around the NBA.

But it appears that will be no more. On Friday, Clipper Darrell handed in his fan's resignation letter. Via Twitter:

When you don't have many friends, you'd think you would go out of your way to take care of the ones you do have. But then again, when Donald Sterling is in the equation, there's no telling what will happen. 

Fans recognize and appreciate die-hard fans, especially ones that support perennial losers. It would be great to see fans in L.A. rise up to make sure Clipper Darrell is back at Staples Center next season. And if the Clips have any sense of loyalty, they'd go out of their way to help.


  1. Clipper Darrell 4 President!!! Somebody Get That Guy A High Life!

  2. With The Don in charge it'll be up to Clipper fans to make thishappen.

  3. Just when the Clippers are doing well, now this....The Staple Center will never be the same without Clipper Darrell.

  4. mr. sterling give the man his seat!!!