Lingerie Basketball League Coming...Soon?

With the growth of the Lingerie Football League, it stands to reason that someone would try to put together a league of scantily clad women playing other sports. Enter the Lingerie Basketball League.

From what we can gather, the league features just two teams - the L.A. Starlets and the L.A. Divas. The LBL's website and Facebook page advertised an open casting call for Wednesday at a local park in Los Angeles. Wondering if this could lead to Chris Carter-like allegations and not wanting to miss a chance to seek out attractive women in bikinis a potentially intriguing story, yours truly headed out to see what there was to see.

When we got to the park, we mostly saw mothers supervising their toddlers during a sunny day at the playground. There was also a jogger and a couple of guys randomly practicing martial arts moves. But we did see some basketball. Namely a pick-up game featuring all guys. There was one woman dressed in basketball gear walking around the park looking lost and confused - presumably searching for the same tryouts.

Our questions were later answered with a quick check of the LBL's Twitter account in response to someone else who missed the "casting call":
@Stevie_Nicole sorry! We are having another one soon. Too many kids were around. Next time will be from 10am till 2pm.check back soon thanks
Too many kids around, eh? Not sure when you're going to find a midday time at a large, public park in the heart of Los Angeles when there won't be too many kids around.

In the meantime, it looks like the Lingerie Basketball League has some early competition. The Bikini Sports Association is gearing up for the inaugural season of the aptly named Bikini Basketball League. Under the motto of "Excellence or Bust", the league is aiming to field six teams with such PC names as the Kentucky Cupcakes and the Indiana Milkshake (no word on if Kelis will be involved in ownership).

Neither league has announced an official start date yet, which gives us time to start working on our prurient basketball puns.

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