Thursday's Birthday Shout-Out: John Calipari's Hip-Hop Tribute

Kentucky head coach John Calipari is that guy that epitomizes sports fandom. His credentials are undeniable, but his methods leave him open to criticism. He's that guy that you can't stand when he's on the opposing sideline, but you love him when he joins your side.

(As a 49ers fan, I had that same kind of hate/love/hate relationship with Deion Sanders.)

The fans in Lexington are apparently no different. I'm going to guess Coach Cal wasn't getting favored nation status when he was rolling with some of those deep Memphis Tigers teams. But they've now let bygones by bygones in the Bluegrass. And it didn't take long. Just about two weeks after he was hired at Kentucky, this ode to Calipari found its way to the Interweb.

While this isn't the first rap mention of Christian Laettner that comes to mind (thanks, Shaq!), I'm pretty sure Billy Gillispie has gotten a shout-out in hip-hop form. Yet with all the Cal love flowing, I'm sure John Chaney still isn't a fan.

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