Dodgers Begging Fans To Buy Tickets

You may have heard that times are tough for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Whether it's opposing fans being severely beaten in the parking lot, the ongoing divorce and financial problems of team owner Frank McCourt or just an inability to string wins together, there's not much going right for the Blue Crew nowadays.

But you'd never imagine it would be so bad that management would have to implore fans to come out to the stadium. After all, the Dodgers have consistently been among baseball's attendance leaders - drawing more than 3 million fans a year in 14 of the last 15 seasons.

Except this year, attendance is down more than 13 percent. So it's just another sign of McCourt's mismanagement that the Dodgers are now offering deep discounts to try and get more butts in the seats. First, Yelp subscribers in the Los Angeles area woke this morning to find an email in their inbox advertising  reduced prices for a pair of games against the rival San Francisco Giants.

If that wasn't bad enough - and it's hard to imagine it getting much worse - later in the day the team announced a sale for Monday night's game against the Milwaukee Brewers. In honor of Andre Ethier's recent 30-game hitting streak (the game is on May 16th, Ethier wears #16), the team is offering $30 field level seats for 30 hours. They are also giving 30% off any Ethier-related merchandise on the day of the game.

Many fans have decided that they will not return to Dodger Stadium until McCourt is out of ownership. McCourt, however, has decided to fight any and all attempts to have him relinquish the team. This promises to drag out for some time, which means we may not have seen the last of the Dodger Blue Light Specials.

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