Mark Cuban takes notice of "Save The Dodgers" movement

As we wrote about last week, a determined Dodger fan has started a campaign to convince Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban to buy the team from embattled owner Frank McCourt.

(For more about the site, check out my interview with Roger Arrieta.)

Turns out, there's been a little movement for the movement.

"I actually heard back from Mark Cuban," Arrieta said in a tweet. "He said he has seen the pics, didnt deny saying he wasnt interested, right now it's Mavs time."

It's easy to understand that Cuban's mind would be on other things right about now. But it's encouraging that he's taken notice of what's going on. Whether it's enough to pique his interest remains to be seen. Regardless, Arrieta has stepped up efforts by seeking donations for a billboard to advertise the website.

At this point, it may benefit Dodger fans to start wearing Maverick blue for the next couple of weeks. Perhaps the rush of winning a championship will convince Cuban to move on to new challenges...namely Major League Baseball. Plus, Laker fans can say they lost to the team that eventually won the title. Either way, it takes their minds off of watching the Dodgers for a few days.

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