Jose Canseco's thirst for Lady Gaga grows

Jose Canseco recently professed his love for Lady Gaga via Twitter. The former Major League Baseball slugger and erstwhile minor league manager tweeted earlier in the week that he wanted to marry the outspoken pop singer.

Then on Friday, he kicked it up a notch, imagining what it would be like if the two of them were to reproduce.
If I had a child with lady gaga what would he or she be called
He went on to wonder if there was a woman out there who could "convert the most infamous athlete ever". First, it seems a little presumptuous for Canseco to consider himself "the most infamous athlete ever". Second, convert him to what?

In the meantime, he continues to manage the independent Yuma Scorpions and hopes that his "Lady Gaga Night" promotion can help connect him with his new crush.

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