Dodger Fans Court Mark Cuban As Their Savior

Fan frustration is reaching an all-time high in Los Angeles. Owner Frank McCourt is continuing his legal fight to keep control of the team. The franchise is offering deep discounts to try and lure angry fans back into the park. Meanwhile on the field, the team is struggling and losing ground daily in the NL West standings. So the fans of Los Angeles have turned their eyes east, looking for a savior.

LetsGoNico posted a pic of this sticker that was being handed out around Dodger Stadium before Tuesday night's game against the Brewers.

Mark Cuban's name was immediately mentioned as a candidate to buy the team in the aftermath of Major League Baseball taking over operations. He was in town recently while the Mavericks were busy dusting off the Lakers in the NBA Playoffs, but declined to make a statement one way or other about acquiring the team. Certainly he has shown interest previously in trying to purchase a baseball team with failed efforts to acquire the Cubs and Rangers under his belt.

More than anything, this is another show of disgust from an embarrassed fan base toward an embattled owner. The trust between the two sides is so broken that McCourt's double talk, broken promises and continued poor stewardship of one of L.A.'s most beloved institutions is going to make for a nearly untenable summer at Chavez Ravine.

(H/T to TrueBlueLA)

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