Is Playing For Arizona In The Cards For McNabb?

When you do this job, it is very easy to over analyze a situation once you hear about it. Then there are times when you call it like you see it or as my Mother would say, "You call a spade a spade."

In this instance not sure how it read into the reports from the Arizona Republic that Donavon McNabb is working out with Cardinal players during this time in the lockout. This is the same McNabb that is not welcomed back to the Redskins organization, the same McNabb that was benched by Mike Shanahan in favor of Rex Grossman. Yes, that Rex Grossman who is not with the Redskins at this point in time either. Can you really fathom that John Beck of the BYU Cougars Becks, looks like he will be the starter and not McNabb.

Has McNabb really fallen off that much that he can't shake a QB that was not wanted by the Dolphins who themselves have QB issues. I think that McNabb can work for the Cardinals, the only problem is that he will have to learn a different system that is not the West Coast Offense. He will have to accept some coaching for a change and not be stubborn when it comes to his delivery. Maybe that is why Donovan is working out with Arizona players so when there is EVER football to be played he is ready to go.

I just hope that McNabb doesn't have any immigrants as family because the laws have not changed as of yet and didn't B-Hop say that he was not Black. Sounds like a recipe for disaster! Tongue and Cheek.

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