Big 10 Conf Says "Play For Pay!"

Maybe something good will actually come out of the the whole Ohio State fiasco as the Big 10 Conference said on Friday that, there is a possibility that the conference could pay athletes beyond their scholarship checks.
Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany admits the conference has discussed cutting athletes a monthly check to help with their living expenses. This coming from a conference that is having a world of controversy dealing with the "Pristine" Coach Jim Tressel and the "Tattoo 5".
By paying players something you hope to curve the appetite for going to outside sources to get extra income. Delaney will like to some how bridge the gap between scholarship and needs to live in today's economy.

However, Detroit Free Press sports columnist Drew Sharp says players aren't taking money just to make ends meet.

"Athletes do no accept cash that they're not supposed to because they're trying to make ends meet. They're accepting the money because they feel they are entitled to this, because they have people telling them 24/7 you're being taken advantage of. You're basically a slave making all this cash for the man in the Big House there and you're getting nothing but crumbs," said Sharp.

Whatever the outcome of this whole ordeal, I do believe college athletes do need to be paid more than their scholarship checks in some way or fashion. I had a brother who played at Nebraska and they pretty much paid for everything for him, food;travel gear; medical care;tuition and so on so forth. What they didn't pay for was his rent;food for the house;clothes to wear for everyday;rent and money just going out be a college kid.
It's a problem that will never be solved but it can be derailed in some sort of fashion.

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