Carlos Boozer Caught Up In The Rap Game....

I guess if Ron Artest can do it, so can Boozer.. Only difference is that Artest released it AFTER, the Lakers won the Championship. As you can see Carlos Boozer decided that the 85' Bears were his "Rap Idols" and has release a song with fellow brotha from "The City of Wind" Twista and Mr. Sucka for love Mario Winans. The song is called "Winning Streak" and Boozer sounds just as we thought he would....a basketball player trying to rap.

Boozer 1st Verse:
Mic check 1-2, 1-2 (4x)
Dream it, believe it, do it, let's go
Already know I cross 'em over, take 'em to the hole
Look back, thank God, look forward, trust God,
That's why when I'm in that paint, you know I go hard
Might go baseline, one time, and abuse ya
Run back down the court, like "You know it was Boozer!"
I used to be another little fella with some hoop dreams,
Now I got the game laced up, shoe strings.

Boozer 2nd verse:
ball for real, y'all n****** is Sam Bowie
And with the third pick, I made the earth sick
M.J., hem Jay, fade away, perfect

Boozer not known for rap game off the court but I hope that he finds his game on the court as we see Taj Gibson snatching his minutes more and more.

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