The Logo Is Taking His Talents To......Oakland?

When you think of Jerry West, the first thing comes up is the Logo and that is one hell of a legacy to have. The second is as a Laker GM he is the one who took a chance and traded his star center and acquired Kobe Bryant and the Lakers haven't looked back since. And maybe he had something to do with Pau Gasol being traded for little brother and helping the Lakers go to the finals 3 years in a arrow, winning Back To Back titles.

It's obvious that he needs a new challenge in his life as Tim Kawakami from the San Jose Mercury News reports: That Jerry West is being hired to be a consultant for the Golden State Warriors. Co-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are trying to find the Midas touch and not the minus touch by taking on West and reverse the trend of horrible but talented teams.

If your a Laker Fan, maybe he could hook up Monte Ellis or Seth Curry in a trade for Curry's little brother who is at Duke, not likely but it could happen.

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