New Era Radio Song Of The Day...Jam by MJ

To have to Icons in the same video is one thing. But when you have 2 men that were the best EVER! at what they did is a whole nother ball of wax. Both of these men have had impact on not only black men but all men on this planet. You see this is not a USA thing when comes to the the it's a global thing. You can go into the slums of the worst ghettos in South Africa to the high society people in Antarctica. That would be cool to see what the boooshie people look like with million dollars igloos and such.

Anyway, the moral to my rant is that there has not been two men that have transcended there culture in terms of entertainment and fashion. Michael Jordan came out with his own line of shoes for basketball mind you and now, I don't think people wear Jordans for basketball at all. People will look at you pretty stupid to see you playing in Jordans for the amount of money it cost and could put your parents back a paycheck.

The marketing campaign around Jordan was a template for how every athlete of elite status should and how to be a mogul. Lebron James is the closest thing we have marketing wise to compare to Jordan with his shoes, commercials and basketball on the court. The most important thing that they have in common is HATERS! You will never be considered great unless you have just as many haters and fans.

We can talk about Jordan for hours and still not touch what he meant as the greatest player to ever touch a "rock". That's the impact he had in my life, there will always be the day that you remember your first home run or even your first kiss from some tramp in the 6Th grade who KISSED JOSEPH THE VERY NEXT DAY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU AND HAD THE WHOLE CLASS LAUGHING AT POINTING........
Let me calm down, as I was saying you will always remember the first time you ever put on some Jordans but especially the day your parents actually bought you some Jordans.
The very next day you were at the playground, "Freakin niggas every way like MJ". But still couldn't pull the sick ass reverse lay-up, dunk or closing your eyes to make a free throw. But it didn't mean any different to you, you had the shoes.....and that is all what counted.

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