Magic Johnson & Larry Bird...On Broadway!

It's probably fitting that on Michael Jordan's birthday, two of the NBA's other icons - Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are reportedly having their careers once again remembered.

According to a report on, Fran Kirmser and Tony Ponturo - the men who produced "Lombardi" - are working on a new show to be titled "Magic/Bird". The production is slated to open on Broadway in 2012 with an assist from David Stern.
Just as "Lombardi" was produced with the help of National Football League, "Magic/Bird" will have the backing of the National Basketball Association. Bird and Johnson will also participate in Simonson's new project, scheduled to debut on Broadway in 2012.
Because the two careers have been so inextricably linked since their respective days in college, it's nearly impossible to tell the story of one without the other. It's also a story that has been told (very well) many times over. That leads us to wonder how Kirmser and Ponturo will approach their lives this time around - especially in a medium that doesn't lend itself to the ballet of basketball.

More than likely it will focus heavily on the off-court relationship between the two, presumably with video of their on-court exploits thrown in. Like many complex athlete stories, it would be best to center the narrative around one particular event. "Lombardi" dealt with a week in the life of the great Packers coach. "Magic/Bird" could deal with an NBA Finals series or the 1992 Summer Olympics.

The obvious response is to make a joke about the train wreck that has been "Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark". But people have been falling all over themselves to do that already...

So we'll go to the next question instead...who should play Magic and Larry? Derek Luke has been an early popular Internet choice, but I'm going with Morris Chestnut to play Magic. As for Larry...somebody get me Jesse Eisenberg and a bottle of bleach!

(H/T Kurt Helin & Ball Don't Lie)

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