Thursday's Birthday Shout-Out: Still Wanna Be Like Mike (Jordan)

Eight years after Michael Jordan retired (for the final time), he is still the gold standard in the NBA. The list of his accolades would be enough to take up an entire post. An analysis of his impact on the NBA, professional sports and American culture at large could stretch much, much longer.

And while Twitter paused in "what if" reflection a few days ago after His Airness worked out at a Charlotte Bobcats practice, I think we can all agree that Michael is best letting sleeping Favres lie. Although I'm sure Byron Scott was tempted to pick up the phone when he caught wind of it.

Nonetheless in honor of Jordan's birthday, we tried to find a highlight or set of highlights that would best sum up his one-of-a-kind career. But then we figured that it would take us all day to decide that. And to just put a whole series of them would be unwieldy and probably prevent you from getting any work done today. We didn't want that on our conscience.

Instead, we give you the Gatorade commercial/music video that launched the phrase (and eventual Bow Wow movie series) that would eventually stick to every potential heir to his throne.

I remember going to a record store not long after the commercial became a national sensation and seeing cassette singles of the song for sale. Right next to it were singles by Joey Lawrence. They were on sale...two for the price of one.

Everyone under the age of 22 didn't understand half of that paragraph.

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