LeBron James Is A (Ratings) MVP

There have been a lot more witnesses in Miami this year
Just in case you haven't been convinced by his 26/7/7 averages, his 51 point, 11 rebound, 8 assist game against Orlando or the lasttimethecavswon hashtag on Twitter, LeBron James is pretty good at basketball.

There's also another thing he's good at - pulling in ratings.

According to John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, the Miami Heat have seen the biggest ratings jump from last year, becoming the team with the third-highest ratings in the - a 118% increase. Love him or hate him, it seems that you've gotta watch him.

Not only did LeBron take his talents to South Beach, but he apparently took  took a lot of eyeballs with him as well. The Cleveland Cavaliers have suffered the biggest drop in ratings, taking a 53% hit. As bad as that is for the Cavs, the good news is that the Cleveland Indians aren't likely to steal a whole lot of viewers.

Ourand's report also shows that having an eye-popping breakout star isn't necessarily a key to ratings success. While Blake Griffin might be one of the most exciting one-man shows running in the NBA, the L.A. Clippers aren't seeing it translate into viewers. The Clips are the second-lowest rated team in the league (the Lakers, by comparison, have the fourth-highest ratings and top overall viewership).

Even in a town where peanut vendors are known for their showmanship, you'd think that Griffin's feats of posterization would be good enough to create some sort of spike in ratings. Then again, the Clippers can't even keep their biggest fans happy, it's probably too much to ask of them to start reaching out to potential new customers.

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