Today's Birthday: Spying On David Eckstein

Not all that long ago, David Eckstein was a World Series MVP, picking up his second ring playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. But as "Just Enough" turns 36 today, we take a look back to his younger days. Back when a fresh-faced young shortstop had just won his first World Series trophy patrolling the middle infield for the Anaheim Angels.

So what does one do after helping lead a perpetually star-crossed franchise to its first ever World Series title? Make a cameo appearance on She Spies, of course. While the acting chops of teammates Scott Spiezio and Adam Kennedy are hard to deny, it's Eckstein's deft use of props that puts the piece over the top.

It's really no surprise that Eckstein would choose being an EMT as a side hustle. I mean, we're talking about a guy voted "Most Helpful" in his high school graduating class.

Looking back, it's hard to tell what the best part of that epic 40-episode series was. The cameos by acting legends like Stuart Scott and local LA news personalities Fritz Coleman and Fred Roggin. Or the totally believable fight scenes.

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