Bart Scott Invites Patriot Pat To Have A Beer

The legend of New York Jets' linebacker Bart Scott continues to grow. It began after his epic postgame interview with ESPN's Sal Paolantonio after New York's win over New England last Sunday. The rant has now expanded to include a tongue lashing of square-jawed mascot Patriot Pat.

According to ESPN's Johnette Howard:
“I was actually over there cussing out the [New England Patriots] mascot, the one with the big chin,” Scott explained Wednesday. He recalled “YEAH! Go home and drink some Sam Adams”
It makes me wonder if Scott had a series of regional beer-related blasts for all of the Jets' potential postseason opponents. If New York wins on Sunday, perhaps he'll invite Steelers fans to cool off with a refreshing Iron City Beer. Maybe offer Bears fans a frosty Old Style or suggest Packers fans crack open a High Life.

In Bart Scott's words..."Can't wait!" for Sunday.

If (somehow) you haven't seen Scott's WWE-worthy postgame rant in its entirety.

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