Sacramento Kings' Arena To Be Named After Scam Product

Power Balance apparently can't brighten DeMarcus Cousins' disposition
For years now, the Sacramento Kings have been looking for a new arena to replace their current 23-year old venue, even exploring at times the possibility of a move to Las Vegas.

Instead, they have tried the next best thing - change the name and hope everyone thinks you've moved. After playing in two different buildings known as Arco Arena since their move from Kansas City in 1985, the Kings will now welcome fans and opponents to the new Power Balance Pavilion.

That's right, the Kings have signed a naming-rights deal with the nifty little bracelets that claim to prevent you from tipping over when you're pretending you're little teapot. Perhaps it's to stop Sacramento from being pushed around by just about every team in the league.

The deal comes in the wake of a class-action lawsuit being filed against the makers of Power Balance after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission raised some doubts about the validity of the product's claims. Power Balance hasn't been helped by reports that the company itself admitted that the product was a scam. However, on its website, Power Balance stands by its initial claims that its products are effective.

Regardless of the lawsuit's outcome, I'm sure this will be a long, profitable partnership for both sides. Look at some of the other epic stadium naming rights deals. Who could imagine the Astros playing anywhere but Enron Field? Or the Titans outside of Adelphia Coliseum? And certainly no one walks into Land Shark Stadium expecting to beat the Dolphins. There's no way this can backfire, right?

(H/T: Gawker)

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