Kyle Turley Wants Brady Hoke To Lose Every Game

Here's looking at you, Kyle. Uh, I don't think so.
Now that Brady Hoke has made the move to the University of Michigan, it's safe to say that most people at San Diego State are sad to see him go.

In the case of Kyle Turley, that doesn't quite cover it.

The former Aztec and NFL player told XX 1090 radio in San Diego about a less than cordial text message he sent Hoke after the coach announced he'd be donning the Maize and Blue.

"I texted the guy, this is exactly what I said: 'I understand what you've got to do for you and yours but just the same … I hope you lose every damn game. That was a b.s. move, brother, and you know it.'"
During his NFL career, Turley was never known as a player who would hold his tongue on issues, so it's not shocking that he'd be quick to light up a guy he believed betrayed his alma mater. After all, he recorded an album titled "Anger Management". But with San Diego State set to make a trip to the Big House next season, it will be very interesting to hear what Turley may have to say leading up to that week's game.

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