A.C. Slater Gets Smashed At An Illinois Bar

Who ever would have thought that the gang from Bayside High could ever cause a ruckus in a bar? Then again, who ever thought the gang from Bayside would ever be prominently featured in a bar? (Ignore that Elizabeth "Jessie Spano" Berkley was legally able to drink by the time the show taped its final episode.)

But such was the case last week in a Chicago-area bar when a (presumably drunk) customer flew into a rage after seeing a picture of curly-headed faux jock A.C. Slater on the wall. The owner of Mullets Sports Bar & Grill had to call police after a patron allegedly removed a framed picture of Slater from the wall above a urinal and destroyed it by throwing it on the floor, later telling the owner "I just don't like Slater."

I have so many questions about this. First...you named your sports bar "Mullets"? Although, if you're going to go that route, you probably should have a picture of A.C. Slater. Second, you framed your picture of A.C. Slater?

Finally, you have to wonder what kind of person would have such a visceral reaction to seeing Slater's smiling face in a bar? My guess is it's a grown-up, down on his luck Zack Morris still stinging from the ass-whooping he took back in high school.

Sorry 'bout your luck, Preppy!

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