Kobe Bryant Stars In Chinese Rap Video

It's no secret that there will be a lockout on these NBA streets come the summer, so maybe it makes sense that Kobe Bryant looks like he's prepping another market to witness the marketing savvy that goes with his basketball genius.

How else do you explain the recent explosions of Black Mamba appearances on Chinese television? First there was the Smart Car commercial in which Kobe has to make a pass in order to save the day - an idea that Phil Jackson is probably envious of. Now there's this...

Thanks to the guys at The Nosebleeds for the find. It's reportedly a commercial for Sprite, although the only product mentions I noticed were a graffiti'd logo on a wall and Bryant holding something looking like a Sprite bottle at the very end of the video. That is, unless having the background dancers dressed entirely in green was supposed to make me thirsty.

As for Bryant's role in the video, I'm not sure what the point is. He utters a couple of worthless phrases and rejects layups by guys a foot shorter than him. Apparently not enough people saw The Green Hornet to make Jay Chou worthy of selling soda all by himself, evidenced by the kid pointing to the movie poster near the end of the video.

If I may make a suggestion for any future videos, don't be afraid to let Kobe get on the mic. It's not like he hasn't done it before.

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