Donovan McNabb's Fence Collapsed By Hit-and-Run Driver

Donovan McNabb's stay in Washington hasn't been particularly great so far. This news isn't likely to make it much better.

A fence was knocked over by a driver who crossed a lane of traffic and ran into the front yard of McNabb's home in Falls Church, VA.

Via The Washington Post:
According to Fairfax County police, an unknown vehicle was traveling north — or perhaps “careening north,” might we guess? — on Seneca Road, a two-lane route with plenty of curves and dips and a 30 mph limit. Around 2 a.m. Saturday it apparently crossed into the oncoming lane, hitting a mailbox on the far side, before veering back to the right and straight up onto McNabb’s property.
Fortunately, neither McNabb nor his family were home at the time of the accident. But McNabb's wife, Raquel commented that she hopes "whoever did it is okay." The bigger issue is that there currently aren't any suspects since the driver was apparently able to drive off.

I'm willing to guess McNabb had some relatively heavy iron fencing up around the property  and from the looks of the photo, it took a pretty good beating. So my advice would be to start by looking for cars that look like they may have been driven through an iron fence.

(H/T USA Today)

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