Tuesday's Birthday Shout-Out: Julius Erving Can Dunk!

In 16 professional seasons, Julius Erving...

  • Won an NBA championship and two ABA titles
  • Won an NBA MVP award and three ABA MVPs
  • Was an 11-time NBA All-Star and a five-time ABA All-Star
In addition, he was named to a slew of All-ABA and All-NBA teams and defensive teams from both leagues. His incredible hang time and amazing aerial acrobatics helped energize the NBA and created a slew of new above-the-rim style players.

He helped the Philadelphia 76ers win their only title since 1967. He popularized the slam dunk. He rocked Michael Cooper to sleep. He sailed behind backboards to make shots. 

He sported a kick ass afro.

So without further ado, we give you...

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.

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