Caltech Ends 310-Game Conference Losing Streak

Courtesy: LA Times (Gary Friedman)
You could poll everyone in Southern California on what they think of when they hear the name Caltech and not a single person would say "basketball". That's because the small, private research school in Pasadena is better known as the home of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Southern California Earthquake Data Center.

But for one night, Beaver Fever took over the campus after Caltech's men's basketball team beat Occidental, 46-45 on Tuesday night. It was Caltech's first win in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference since January 23, 1985 when they beat the University of La Verne, 48-47.

To put the streak into perspective, senior forward Ryan Elmquist - who made the game winning free throw - is the team's oldest player, born in 1989...four years into the streak.

With the win, the Beavers finish the season at 5-20, easily their best season in years.

Check out the final seconds and the celebration below:


  1. I can’t believe Caltech even has a men’s basketball team! With its struggles, it sounds like the program should have been eliminated a LONG time ago.