Tuesday's Birthday Shout-Out: Aaron Cook Helps Out

Now that we've gotten that pesky little Super Bowl out of the way, we can start to turn our attention to Spring Training. What better way to begin than by celebrating the birthday of a guy who is just 11 games over .500 with a career ERA of 4.41.

Then again, considering Aaron Cook's spent his entire Major League career playing in Colorado with less than a blazing fastball, that's not all bad.

But the best part about starting pitchers is that they've got personality! When you only pitch once every fifth day, you're bound to get a little loopy just sitting on the bench. It also makes you the perfect candidate to star in a series of pretty funny team promos.

This dodgeball promo probably takes the cake. Maybe it's Cook's epic mullet wig. Or the fact that Ryan Spilborghs gets picked last - behind Dinger, the mascot. Personally, I think it's the fact that Brian Fuentes gets picked first. Considering how he flamed out with the Angels, most folks in Anaheim would have rather spent their first pick on the Rally Monkey.

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