Super Bowl XLVI Logo Unveiled...I Think We've Seen This Before

We're all aware that the NFL has some internal issues to work out at the moment. However, the league is trying to portray an image of business as usual. The combine is going on this weekend in Indianapolis, draft preparations are being made and Al Davis is signing everyone but his best player to huge contracts.

That normal laser-like NFL focus wasn't applied to Super Bowl 46 marketing. The league unveiled the logo for next season's Super Bowl, to be held in Indianapolis...

which is nearly identical to...

So, you added an "I" and changed the background from JerryWorld in Dallas to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Considering how diverse the previous set of Super Bowl logos have been (the Indy Star conveniently put together a slideshow of them here), this is just plain lazy.

Then again, maybe the NFL is in the midst of collective bargaining with its marketing people, too.