Allstate's Stand? It's Making Fun of LeBron James

Even though we're more than halfway through the season, people still continue to take shots at LeBron James. Then again when you set yourself up for public scorn the way James did during "The Decision", you're going to take some shots for awhile.

Now we have insurance companies jumping into the fray. Chicagoland radio stations have been playing Allstate insurance ads featuring spokesman Dennis "President David Palmer" Haysbert taking a shot at competitor State Farm via James, who is the company's pitchman.

The ad cuts deeper and deeper, adding more references along the way. Things like:

"Should you go where you get the most for your money? Or go with your hometown organization? Or maybe you should just team up with one of the best in the business."

And just in case you weren't totally sure if this was a shot at You Know Who, Haysbert hits you with...

"Are you ready to take your talents to Allstate?"

Hear the full commercial here...

I'm waiting for the television version when Mayhem rushes the floor in Miami, places his foot down for LeBron to awkwardly land on top of it, then yells "Karma!" as James writhes in pain on the hardwood.

(H/T to Darren Rovell and Dig Communications)

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