Wednesday's Birthday Shout-Out: Vince Carter's Dunkstravaganza

Vince Carter's career has been like a box of Fruity Pebbles. Really fun to look at sometimes, pretty tasty but ultimately unsatisfying. Part of that lack of fulfillment has led Carter to his fourth team in Phoenix. It's fitting that one of the West Coast's retirement communities will likely be the place where he finishes out his career, free to wander in and out of games as he pleases with very little danger of dropping in on the rest of the family (aka, the playoffs).

It's even gotten to the point recently that, as Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk pointed out, Phoenix is trying to coax the old Vince back into action.

Speaking of the old Vince, in honor of his 34th birthday, we take a look back to the days when he was still Half-Man, Half-Amazing by remembering The Greatest Individual Slam Dunk Contest Performance of All-Time (Timetimetime).

Some of the highlights include a cameo from cousin and fellow Fruity Pebbler Tracy McGrady and Carter placing half his arm the basket - a feat that continues to amaze me no matter how many times I see it.

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