Clay Matthews Is Suave...And So Is His New Endorsement Deal

Is this hair better than...
First it was Bud Bowl. Then the Puppy Bowl and the Lingerie Bowl. Could we now be set up for the Hair Bowl, featuring Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews?

According to CNBC's Darren Rovell, the Packers' stud linebacker with the flowing, blond locks has signed a one-year deal with Unilever to market a newly-formulated men's shampoo under the Suave brand. The contract includes appearances before and after the Super Bowl as well as a production day that could include filming a commercial. The deal allows Matthews to have his hair trimmed a bit, but he isn't allowed to shave it off for at least a year.
...this hair?

It's somewhat surprising that it took this long for someone to ink Matthews to a deal considering he may have the second most recognizable hair in the NFL combined with his rapid rise to stardom. And it's not like Matthews hasn't been trying to snag an endorsement deal.

From CNBC:
"I've been throwing it out there and just getting shunned," Matthews said on Monday. "I don't know what it is...America, I'm looking for a hair deal."
Well, Clay...congratulations. You've got it. Although he may want to walk across the way and shake hands with Polamalu. This all comes after the Steelers' safety had his hair insured for $1 million by Head and Shoulders back in August. It's hard to imagine that this would have been in the works without Matthews' team getting set to line it up against Polamalu's team in the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, kudos to Suave for making it happen.

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