Tuesday's Birthday Shout-Out: How Chris Mills Got His Groove Back

Thanks to Chris Mills, you all get a special treat...namely an early addition to the New Era Radio playlist.

Last week, Jason Kidd helped us relive B-Ball's Best Kept Secret. Today, in honor 10-year NBA veteran Chris Mills' birthday, we proudly present another track from that same hip-hop classic album. Introducing "Sumptin to Groove To".

Sounding a touch like something from a Black Moon album, Chris lets us all know that he's a "fly girl layer". Not sure if that means he associates with attractive women in general or has carnal knowledge of one of Keenan Ivory Wayans former dancers.

Actually, the track ends up being a lot like his career. Starts with great potential, shows signs of going to the next level, but ends up being pretty mediocre. Either way, it's still better than the awful uniform he was forced to wear during his time in Cleveland.

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