Buy Tickets To Watch the Super Bowl...On TV! (Update)


As expected, tickets to Jerry Jones' Super Bowl viewing party are selling...and selling well. As of Tuesday, Party Plaza tickets on StubHub were selling for an average of $317 as as much as $791. The market was bearing similar prices over on Craigslist with some tickets going for as much as $625 apiece. Keep in mind that face value for tickets to the actual game begins at $600.

Just sayin'...


We now know how much fans will be gouged charged to watch the Super Bowl on television in front of Jerry Jones' gridiron palace.

According to Fox 4 Houston, for the low, low price of $200, you too can get passes to a special pavilion to watch a televised version of the game that will be going on in a building several hundred yards from you! Keep in mind that this is the same game that others will also be watching on television...for free.

Oh, and there will be live performances by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and some band called Reckless Kelly. The good news for Jones (besides getting people to pony up $200 for something they can generally get for free) is that the NFL has agreed to count these extreme tailgaters as part of the game's official crowd, helping him significantly on his quest to break the Super Bowl attendance record.

While I continue to think about how silly this idea is, I know there will be plenty of people lining up just to say they were there.

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If nothing else, you've gotta give Jerry Jones and the NFL credit for trying.

SportsDayDFW reported on Thursday that the Cowboys' owner along with the league is trying to figure a way to charge fans to watch the Super Bowl from outside Cowboys Stadium. No word just yet on how much tickets will cost and how they will be made available to fans. Presumably they won't reach the $600-$1200 face value of tickets to the actual game, but with space likely at a premium in a newly-created special viewing plaza, you can guess that they'll still cost a pretty penny.

Although this shouldn't be surprising in a league that charges fans full price to watch meaningless preseason exhibition games in which the stars may not play more than a quarter. Funny how Roger Goodell leaves that part out when he talks about making the game better for the fans.

While most fans will laugh at the idea of paying high ticket prices (plus parking charges, plus whatever the team/league may charge for concessions) just to watch a game on television, anyone who does decide to take the plunge will likely be better off than the poor souls who get stuck in The Worst Seats In Cowboys Stadium...

Good luck with that one! 

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