T-Mobile Blocks Text While Driving

For those of us who don't have the willpower to decline calls or text when we are behind the wheel, T-Mobile has a way for us to do it!!

To stop cell phone users from driving dangerously, T-Mobile has unveiled a new service that AUTOMATICALLY disables most texting and calling features when a phone senses that it is in motion.

When activated, the DriveSmart Plus application determines how quickly a phone is switching between cell phone towers. When it senses that the phone is moving faster than 10 MPH, within a few minutes, it automatically sends phone calls to voicemail or a hands-free Bluetooth headset (Depending on which version the customer selects) and sends text messages to a user's inbox. Depending on the phone, the application can also disable audible alerts so that the driver isn't even aware of incoming messages.

DriveSmart Plus is not the first smartphone application to attempt to block on-the-road calls and texts. While other cell phone carriers say they are working on similar kinds of technology, T-Mobile's service is the first carrier-backed service to hit the market.

This $4.99 per month application, developed by the Emeryvill, Calif. company Location Labs, will be available to T-Mobile customers with Android smartphones.

Next they should develop an app. to block picture text from married football players sending texts to numbers other than their wives when it senses that there is a penis in the photo!

Just a thought!...

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