Freddie Mitchell To Appear On "Millionaire Matchmaker"

Full disclosure. I detest reality television. If there's nothing else we've learned from the past decade of giving random jackasses their own shows it's that people will do or say most anything for money and/or attention. For all of the shows like Extreme Home Makeover or The Biggest Loser that attempt to actually help people, they're outweighed by shows like Bridalplasty that make me lose my faith in humanity. For that reason, I don't watch any of them.

But every so often, I find a reason to break my own rules. Tonight on Bravo just might one of them.

Judging by Freddie Mitchell's past alleged financial issues and his YouTube diatribes that appear to have been recorded somewhere in the Everglades, I'm guessing the word "Millionaire" is being used loosely. I'm just hoping that the matchmaker asks Freddie what he thinks is great about himself so he can go on for five minutes about his hands.

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