Enter To Win A Chance To Hear Brady Hoke Talk Up Mexican Michigan?

Come on down! You're the next fan on Michigan Names A Head Coach!

Every major college football program in the country has more than just a touch of arrogance surrounding it. After all, if you don't tell everyone you're the best, who the hell will? (Except Notre Dame, of course. That's what NBC is for...)

Which makes Michigan's raffling of a seat at their next head football coach's introductory press conference either fitting or amusing, depending on your point of view. In an era where coaches are hired to be fired, you can ask how Michigan is arrogant enough to gatekeep at an event that happens at most colleges slightly more often than Presidential inaugurations. Or you can giggle at the fact that the historically successful Wolverines have tried to drum up more interest in their sputtering program by turning a media event into a sweepstakes.

Meanwhile, Brady Hoke has been hired as the man to stand behind the podium and address the lucky winner (and presumably a few other invited members of the media). A couple of seasons ago, Hoke led Ball State to their first ever Top 25 ranking and an spot in the GMAC Bowl. And if you were to believe his appearance with Ball State alum David Letterman, his *ahem* shrewd scheduling choices may have had a hand in the team's success.

If only RichRod had considered coaching in his underwear. It at least would have taken the focus off of his porous defense.

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