Calling All Strippers: Dallas Needs You!

With just over a week until the kickoff of Super Bowl XLV, the American sporting public turns its lonely eyes to Dallas. While the Packers and Steelers will provide the main course for the week, it seems as though the city is a little low on appetizers.

According to TMZ, one strip club operator has put out the call for more dancers to make their way to DFW for some Super Stripping. From TMZ:
John Walsh -- the guy who runs Showtime Cabaret -- tells TMZ, his fine establishment employs 50 lovely ladies ... but he's in the market for another 100-120 lap dancers to get down for the big weekend -- STAT!
All told, Walsh (who shouldn't be confused with the host of America's Most Wanted) says that about 10,000 strippers may be needed to help service the 30 mile zone around Dallas. Looks like some of those early revenue estimates may need to be revised.

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