Strip Club Owner Banking On Bears-Jets Super Bowl

With the NFL set to host its AFC and NFC Championship games on Sunday, football fans are deciding which of the four possible Super Bowl matchups would be the most entertaining. While this is one of those years in which the NFL wins either way (four great football markets with large, rabid fanbases and great storylines), it appears that a Dallas-area strip club operator has his wallet heart set on seeing two particular teams get there.

Eric Langan, CEO of Rick's Cabaret says a Chicago Bears-New York Jets Super Bowl could mean a boost of up to $2 million for his clubs in the DFW area. From Reuters:

"We estimate, worst case, it will be about an additional $1 million in revenue for us," he said in a telephone interview, adding the company did about that much extra during the Super Bowl in Miami last year.
"But if we get a New York-Chicago Bears Super Bowl, then it could be really big," Langan added, citing the size of the cities. "We could be as high as $2 million."

It's no secret that hosting a Super Bowl is a huge financial boost to the local market. Hotels, restaurants, bars, taxi cabs all see a major boost in revenue for the week that the entire American sporting public focuses its beer-goggled gaze at the lucky city. You can add strip clubs to that list as well. But only $1 million last year? In Miami? C'mon, sports fans. You can do better than that. It's even more disappointing when you consider the women of Rick's picked the Saints to win it all.

Then again, Langan knows what he's talking about. According to a 2008 profile in Forbes Magazine, Rick's was (literally) a heartbeat away from setting up shop inside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas which would have been the first gentlemen's club ever inside of a casino along The Strip. Which, come to think of it, would have been the perfect name for the place.

Forget Bart Scott's "Can't wait!", it appears that Rick's Cabaret has thrown down the gauntlet to you, Packer and Steeler fans. Are you really willing to be outdone by the depravity of New Yorkers and Chicagoans? Are you ready to prove that you can spend thousands of dollars one at a time? We know you can handle snow, but are you willing to make it rain? We await your answer.

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