Why Saturday Was A College Football Bust

All week long we heard about how Saturday was going to be such a big day. Cam and the Newtonettes taking on The Head Ball Coach in the SEC Championship Game. Oregon trying to stay on the rails for one last game against arch-rival Oregon State.

Too bad the day became a dud. Thanks, BCS.

Because the presumption for weeks has been that if Auburn and Oregon finish the regular season undefeated they would meet in the championship game in Glendale on January 10. When both teams removed the drama from their respective games midway through the third quarter, all of the air went out of what was supposed to be a big Saturday.

Under the BCS, there is really only one bowl game that matters every year. Everything else is just in place for coaches to get some extra practice time with their layers. At least when we had the polls deciding a national champion, there could be two or three bowl games with some sort of impact over who would win a championship.

I dream a world where we'd have a college football playoff. Can you imagine how much interest the day would have had if winning your conference meant an automatic bid to the postseason? It's about the only way people outside of Storrs would give any thought to UConn's game against South Florida.

Actually, with the way Geno Auriemma's team is playing, people in Storrs might not even care.

The point is Nebraska vs. Oklahoma would be more than just the final chapter of a long storied rivalry. Florida State vs. Virginia Tech would be more than just an excuse to break out old Mike Vick highlights. And the Big 10 logjam? It would have more intrigue than a John LeCarré spy novel.

Instead, we end up with a day that was essentially over before the sun set on the West Coast.

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