One of Best Sports Saturday....Maybe?

This weekend can go down in sports weekend history. Well….not that serious, it all starts in the morning with the Chevron Golf Challenge. Tiger Woods is leading his own tournament and doing a dam fine job of it. He looks like the Tiger of old. Making all those “Tiger” shots that we all came to love. Or is it shots off a one of his female’s belly. Don’t know, don’t care.
People don’t forget that North Carolina and Kentucky tip off before the SEC Championship game, its at Carolina so this should be good.
The SEC Championship game between and Auburn and South Carolina which Cam Newton has given this game another boost of excitement thanks to his Daddy the Preacher who likes nice denotations for church and his son. It will be nice to see the Ole Ball Coach take one for the team and let a real college football program go to the BCS Championship game. On the other side of the street you have the “Civil War”, between Oregon and Oregon St. This game has all the trimmings of the food you missed at Thanksgiving. One team is trying to make it to the Championship game and the other just wants to get bowl eligible. Did I mention that they hate each other! I hope this doesn’t end up like UCLA/USC in 2006 as the Trojans were takin down because John David Booty forgot what team he was on.
As the SEC Championship game is going on there is a college basketball gem being played, as Duke and Butler play part 2 of their “One Shinning Moment” in March.
If I didn’t have DirecTV to go through all these channels this post wouldn’t be possible. Use the Previous Channels's a life saver.

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