Shaq's alleged kidnap conspiracy gets animated (Video)

Just in case you needed visual representation of the recent story involving allegations that Shaquille O'Neal hired gang members to retrieve a video tape of O'Neal having sex with women who weren't his wife, our friends in Taiwan are happy to help.

The folks at NMA - who have tackled stories on celebrities from Tiger Woods to Sarah Palin to Justin Bieber - now take aim at Shaq in a new video.

Things this video taught us...

1. Shaq looks like he could be related to Carl Winslow.
2. When he's not nude with a basketball covering his junk, he walks around in his Lakers uniform.
3. Shaq has the ability to turn himself into a floating genie at any moment.

The video ends with the narrator taking a shot at Shaq's acting ability. Enjoy!

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