Plaxico Burress plans to warn kids about guns

Like Michael Vick before him, prison seems to have shown Plaxico Burress the error of his ways. The former New York Giants wide receiver made that clear shortly after his release when he told reporters that "there is nothing pleasant about prison."

The first step on his redemption tour...warning children about the dangers of guns.
His particular focus will be convincing children to stay in school and stay away from guns because "kids will listen to a person like myself," Burress said. 
"I know that I won't be able to save everybody. But if I can just help a child to think about the decision of carrying a firearm or making the decision not to carry one out of the home that... saves lives in itself," Burress said.
The biggest story around Burress for the time being will be whether he gets another shot in the NFL, but here's hoping his life off the field is even better than his one on it.

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