Dodgers bounce paychecks after bankruptcy filing

It appears that the Dodgers bankruptcy has already had a financial effect on the team. is reporting that some employees had their paychecks bounce.
In the wake of the Dodgers' bankruptcy filing, some paychecks issued to the team's employees bounced, according to spokesman Josh Rawitch.
It's not clear how many employees were affected. 
Rawitch said that the team's accounts were frozen for 48 hours after the filing.
He added that all the employees who were affected have been issued new checks. The team is also picking up any bank fees incurred from the bounced checks.
When it's come to the issue of making payroll, everyone has focused on whether the guys on the field are going to get their paychecks. But in reality, there's little reason to worry about Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier or even Manny Ramirez in the short term. However the livelihood of some of the day-to-day administrative people is another situation.

All in all, it's just another black eye in the long running saga of Frank McCourt. And it doesn't look like it's close to being over with a Delaware judge scheduling bankruptcy hearings into next January. Right now, McCourt doesn't have a whole lot of allies and if he's having trouble keeping his commitments to the folks actually running the organization, it's another reason that he needs to get out of the baseball business.

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  1. No one remembers the hundreds of people employed by the team, from sales and marketing folks to operations personnel. Imagine being in their shoes for a day, trying to put their best forward when the community around them won't support the team fully until McCourt is gone. Even if the bounced checks were simply caused by a account freeze, you just don't mess with people's paychecks. More sad news on top of all the rest.