Is Kobe Snitching Again?

I hoped that Kobe Bryant learned his lesson from his last transgressions from Colorado, snitching is not cool. If I remember correctly that Bryant to police that Shaq used to pay his mistresses to keep quiet about their affairs. This info was so damaging to Kobe's street cred that other players didn't want to play with him. At least that's the word on the street.

Well it looks like Kobe's wife Vanessa is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. http://www.mediatakeout/ is reporting that Vanessa broke up a happy home in the Laker Locker Room getting in the business of Pau Gasol and his Ex-Fiance Silvia Lopez Castro. It was obvious that Gasol was not his usual self throughout these playoffs and not playing like "The Spaniard" like Laker fans have become accustomed to seeing.

Kobe Bryant told J.A. Adande that reports of his wife causing Pau Gasol’s breakup with his fiancĂ© are bogus. ESPN’s J.A. Adande tweeted “Kobe was shown internet report that’s floating around Reax: “They barely know each other.” [U can fill in the gaps. I'm done].”

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