Hines Ward Held At Gunpoint!

If it wasn’t tough enough to be a Steeler this day and age (Thanks a lot Bin Laden) , then it must be really hard to be a Dancing With The Stars contestant. Not only to compound the problem you’re DWB (Driving While Being Black) as well. In this case is DWK&B? That is driving while being Driving While Being Korean and Black for all of those who are not down.
Apparently Hines Ward of your Pittsburgh Steelers was pulled over for being this just thing.

http://www.tmz.com/ reports:
Ward, in Southern California while competing on the ABC reality show "Dancing With The Stars", was a passenger in a Honda Civic when LAPD officers pulled the car over around 2 a.m. Soon after, he and the driver, an unnamed woman, were removed from the vehicle at gunpoint.
Sources told TMZ when the officers ran the license plate of the Civic, they discovered it was a car that had been reported stolen. The woman explained she had been the one who reported the vehicle was stolen, but then failed to notify authorities when she eventually recovered her car.
Ward also reportedly was very patient and cooperative with the officers while the confusion was being sorted out. Law enforcement officials told TMZ that he and the woman were then allowed to drive off "without further incident."

At least she didn't scream "He got weed, he got weed!"

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