Is Oklahoma-Oklahoma State Rivalry Catching Bieber Fever?

How do you take a rivalry known as "Bedlam" and make it even crazier? Just add a pinch of Justin Bieber.

At least that's the suggestion of Tulsa World columnist Dave Sittler.

To paraphrase Elvis, Bedlam's temperature will keep on rising if Holder can convince Justin Bieber to sing the National Anthem before the Dec. 3 game at Boone Pickens Stadium. 
The idea that Biebs might sing at the game isn't as crazy as you'd think. Bieber and Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy have a connection, albeit a loose one. Bieber revealed that he uses Gundy's infamous "I'm a man!" rant as his ringtone, so the coach reciprocated by making Bieber's hit song "Baby" as his own ringtone. Gundy later suggested that Bieber come check out Boone Pickens Stadium and maybe, you a suite.

Sittler's idea is that Bieber can perform a concert at a sure-to-be-sold-out Gallagher-Iba Arena the night before the game against Oklahoma, then sing the National Anthem at the football game on Saturday.

It's a nice idea and if it were to happen (so far, there's no word from Biebs himself) it would definitely create even more hype for a game that's already pretty long on it. Except with OSU's 2-10 record against Oklahoma in the Bob Stoops era, maybe they should save their gimmicks for things on the field.

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