Bill Walsh Picked Montana As A Favor!

Bill Wash is a guru throughout the league; he is the “Godfather” of the West Coast Offense. There is no doubt in my mind he is the most influential coach of all-time because he furthered his teaching from the Father of the practice schedule and details beyond belief.
Let’s play a game of what if? What if Bill didn’t get Joe Montana as his QB in the 79’ draft in the 3rd round. This has gone down as the 2nd greatest draft steal in league history. (Tom Brady-Patriots is #1)
What if I told you that he picked “Joe Cool” as a favor to his boss? Sounds far fetched don’t it. Well according to Brian Billick who was a part of the 49er staff at the time thought it was.

In a article, Chris Defrense talked to Billick and he had this to say:

Billick told The Times that Walsh drafted Montana to appease owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., a Notre Dame graduate.

Billick said Walsh said, "We'd better take the Notre Dame guy because otherwise my butt is out of here."

With 4 Super Bowls later, it was the best favor to ever give.

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