Wednesday's Birthday Shout-Out: Big Ben Plans a Career Move?

With the clock ticking down toward the expiration of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, some NFL players are trying to figure out what they'll do if there's no football in the fall.

Considering the recent offseason allegations that seem to chase Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger like a sack-hungry defensive end, you wonder how he'll cope with not having his days occupied from August to January. Although I have it on good authority that after his last go 'round with the legal system, Ben stocked up on DVDs and BluRay discs for perpetual Blockbuster Nights.

But beyond that, it appears Roethlisberger has spent some time trying on a brand new bag.

He's got a better looking jumpshot than Shawn Mario. But should we tell him the NBA is probably headed for a lockout, too?

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