VCU Is Proud Of Wrecking Your Bracket

Chances are you are among the millions who ripped up their brackets in frustration after Virginia Commonwealth took down Kansas on their way to the Final Four.

(Not me. I flamed out long before that. Huzzah!)

Well, VCU understands. And they're doing everything they can to capitalize on your pain.

Check out what could be the best underdog T-shirt of all-time.

Props to the VCU marketing department who have been a step ahead throughout the tournament - from their very well designed athletic department website to the fantastic "Chalk Rocked" headline.

If the Rams can take down Butler to make it to the championship game or even - GASP! - win the whole thing, I look forward to whatever they'll come up with next.

1 comment:

  1. More power to 'em.

    But we all have to seriously ask ourselves... if VCU wins the whole thing, are we really okay with calling them the best team in college basketball?