Thursday's Birthday Shout-Out: Herschel Walker, The Endzone Stalker

Herschel Walker is a freak of nature. 6-foot-1, 225 pounds with an uncommon (and almost unfair) combination of speed and strength, to watch him succeed as a mixed martial arts fighter would lead you to believe that he was born for the sport. It stands as testament to Walker's athleticism, desire and steadfastness.

Not bad for a guy who says he eats one meal a day.

Walker dominated the college game from the moment he first stepped on the field at the University of Georgia. By the time he left Athens, he was one of the most decorated college football players ever, having been a three-time All-American, a Maxwell Award and Heisman Trophy winner and being a major contributor to a national championship team as a freshman. Walker remains the only college football player ever to finish in the top three in Heisman voting every year of his career.

Sadly, his NFL career could never match his collegiate work. Part of the reason is he played for coaches who weren't quite sure how to use him. Part of it was that after his college career, the expectations placed on him were gargantuan. Those expectations only got bigger after the Minnesota Vikings gave away the store to acquire him in a trade from the Dallas Cowboys. The Vikings gave up five players and six draft picks (three of which turned into Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland and Darren Woodson) which led to the Cowboys' resurgence in the 1990s.

But Walker's pro career wasn't a total letdown. Herschel's time in the USFL was nearly as spectacular as his time at Georgia. Playing for Donald Trump's New Jersey Generals in 1985, Walker ran for 2,411 yards - a single season pro football rushing record that still stands. Enjoy the record breaking run...and the cheesy ESPN graphics.

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